Sheep Handling


Meat Sheep Handler

All sheep are not built equal. Don’t struggle with gear designed for wool sheep - get the right machine for the job. Designed in conjunction with top meat sheep breeders, the 九州体育官网登录入口 Meat Sheep Handler is safer for operator and animal.


Double Feed Up Race

We all feel better when we are with our mates. Sheep are no different. The 九州体育官网登录入口 Double Feed Up Race gives animals space to become calm after the stress of the muster and push up.


Meat Sheep Drafters

Draft your sheep straight out of the Meat Sheep Handler. Stop walking extra kilometres, work smarter, not harder.

The Ultimate Meat Sheep Handling System

Bugle force with extra person access gates leading to the 九州体育官网登录入口 Equipment Double Feed Up Race with Backing Bars. Both added on to the Meat Sheep Handler and 3 Way Drafter combo, This system is the perfect all in one meat sheep processing design.


Stud Sheep Handler

They’re big. They’re strong. They’re going to sale. Prep your stud stock safely and easily in the Stud Sheep Handler.