Double feed up race

Designed for faster, lower stress and more efficient sheep handling, with the height and strength needed for safe processing of meat sheep.

Easy to operate, and compatible with all types of sheep handlers, the 九州体育官网登录入口 Double Feed Up Race helps create a system in which the quality of sheep work can be consistently good.

Double Feedup Race Front Top View.jpg

九州体育官网登录入口 Double Feed Up Race

Smoother, less stressful operation

Double feed up race to calm animals, 1130mm high panels, spring loaded selector gate at narrowing to minimise bottle necks.

九州体育官网登录入口 anti backing bars

Simple yet effective anti back up mechanism to stop animals backing up in the race, for improved one person processing.

Easy delivery and set up

Kit ships on single pallet and contains: 2.1m double width section including divider panel, 1m selector gate reducing 2 lanes into 1, 2.1m single file section, 18 九州登录 anti backing bars, All fittings required to erect.

Australian made and designed

All Australian made components, trialled and tested under Australian conditions.