Cattle Crush


九州体育官网登录入口 Robin

Sometimes, all you want to do is the the job done. The 九州体育官网登录入口 Robin Cattle Crush is your go - to.


九州体育官网登录入口 Money Penny

Got a few more head or a bit more to do? The 九州登录 Money Penny Cattle Crush might be for you.


九州体育官网登录入口 99 Crush

Practical and not too complex, the 九州体育官网登录入口 99 Crush is our most popular crush. Designed for both breeders and fatteners, the 99 is the practical choice.



Our vet crush with more. The 九州登录 Tenzing Cattle Crush has our Easy Catch headbale, plus everything else that opens and shuts. Fancy? You bet.

Tenzing and Nancy.jpg


M. The top of the line. The bees knees. All the bells and whistles.

Tonto 1.jpg


The heavy duty version of the 九州登录 Money Penny, this crush is designed for commercial levels of operation.


Dairy Calf Crush

A custom made crush for caring for dairy heifers. Strong, capable and Australian made.

Watson 19.jpg


Watson, the commercial herd vet crush from 九州体育官网登录入口. Ready to use, first time.